Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

The Accessibility Statement pertains to the website of the Science Centre of the University of Primorska – Aquarium Piran, located at the following web address:

The University of Primorska commits to providing users with accessibility to the website in accordance with the Zakon o dostopnosti spletišč in mobilnih aplikacij (Uradni list RS, št. 30/18).

Ensured Adaptations:

  • User-friendly and easily navigable website;
  • Readable, logically structured with easy navigation content;
  • Content equipped with internal and external links for content connectivity;
  • Responsive design (adaptation of content layout to screen resolution);
  • Appropriate color contrasts between text and background;
  • Predictable website functionality;
  • Page zoomable up to 200%;
  • Ability to watch videos with subtitles;
  • Use of different heading levels.

“Accessibility Menu” Plugin

The website also offers a dedicated “Accessibility Menu” plugin to promote inclusivity and accessibility for all user groups. This allows individuals with various forms of disabilities to have a customized perception, understanding, navigation, and interaction with the website.

Options available include:

  • Color schemes:
    • black and white,
    • dark contrast,
    • light contrast,
  • Motion stop;
  • Readable fonts;
  • Underlined links;
  • Font size adjustment.

Compliance Level

The website is partially compliant with the Zakon o dostopnosti spletišč in mobilnih aplikacij.

Inaccessible content due to a disproportionate burden:

We continually monitor the website’s accessibility and improve individual accessibility elements. The website complies with the standard SIST EN 301 549 V3.2.1., required by the LSSMA, which can be used by people with various forms of disabilities. However, some currently published content does not meet all the accessibility requirements as stipulated by the Law on the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications.

Examples of such content include:

  • Alternative descriptions for uploaded images.

Notifications of non-compliance, requests for information, and content not falling within the scope of the Directive are accepted at the email address We will respond to notifications or requests within 8 days of receipt. If we cannot provide an adequate response within this period, we will inform you of the timing and reasons for the delayed response.

Enforcement Procedure

If you identify deviations from the provisions of the Zakon o dostopnosti spletišč in mobilnih aplikacij, you can submit a complaint to the information inspectors by regular or electronic mail at

The monitoring of the implementation of provisions from Article 5 to Article 8 of the Zakon o dostopnosti spletišč in mobilnih aplikacij is carried out by information inspectors.

Ministrstvo za javno upravo – Ministry of Public Administration
Inšpektorat za javni sektor – Public Sector Inspectorate
Tržaška cesta 21
1000 Ljubljana 

Preparation of the Accessibility Statement

The statement was prepared on April 19, 2023, based on self-assessment.